About GSAL

Grass Strip Aviation Ltd was formed in June 2007 with the intention of importing American FAR Part 103-compliant aircraft into the UK to take advantage of CAA Exemption No.633 covering sub-115kg microlights.This Exemption was incorporated into the UK Air Navigation Order 2007 at Amendment 2 dated January 2008.

We were very attracted by the Airdrome Aeroplanes range of aircraft, and negotiations with Robert baslee of Airdrome Aeroplanes in Missouri led to us being appointed as their UK Agent, as well as establishing that a UK version of both their FAR Part 103 aircraft (The Eindecker and the Dream Classic) could be produced. These are the aircraft kits that we currently market and the designs have nearly ten years of track record behind them in the USA.

The Directors of GSAL are all experienced microlight pilots and between us we have many decades of experience in the Automotive and Aerospace industries, covering manufacture, servicing, certification and testing.

As well as acting as the receiving and storage facility for the kits, our workshop at Aston Down is large enough to manufacture and rig the aircraft, and we will have large sections of the first UK Eindecker on show at Popham in May 2008.

In the future we are looking to develop variations of the two basic kits, and depending on the outcome of the European Light Sport Aircraft discussions, other kits in the Airdrome Aeroplanes range may also become UK-compliant without too much extra Certification. See the Airdrome Aeroplanes website at www.airdromeaeroplanes.com for details and pictures.

Director:- Paul Harvie